6 Winning Brand Strategy Suggestions in 2018

B2B branding is changing. Competition has never been fiercer. What it takes to win in the B2B landscape today requires an effective brand strategy that cuts through all the noise, separates your brand from the sea of sameness around you, and engages your audience on a deeper level. At Skyline, to build a stronger brand,… Read more »

How to Optimise all your Conversions?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is often misunderstood as simply testing image selection or button color, etc. Approaching CRO with such a narrow lens, though, greatly restricts conversions growth potential. To maximize conversions, you should implement CRO holistically. By building a CRO framework instead of treating CRO randomly, you’ll have a greater probability of unlocking insights,… Read more »

Why AI is the Future of Content marketing

In 2016, agile digital agency Skyline was struggling to create enough content at scale while maintaining quality, a challenge faced by many marketing organizations. At the same time, advancements in marketing AI (artificial intelligence) convinced me that machine-assisted content could be a possibility in the near future. The big question I couldn’t get out of my mind… Read more »

Building an MVP with Prototyping tool like an Aspirin

Whether a product is successful or not depends primarily not on its functional design. To adapt the needs of users is an important step; Therefore, UX design should naturally take a step ahead with prototyping tools. It’s also the key criterion deciding the success and failure of a product. At Skyline, what we understand that a useful product… Read more »

The Basics of Conversion Rate Optimization for websites

Driving traffic to your website is merely just the start of the online customer journey – converting traffic is the end goal. Online traffic is only of value when your visitor ends their session by carrying out a specific action that you want them to complete. For example, if you are an eCommerce store, your… Read more »

5 Take-Aways on Push Notifications for Mobile Apps

Push notifications are one of the most effective strategies to drive a user back to your mobile app. When a user opts into your notifications, they are trusting that you will deliver relevant and useful information. The moment, you don’t achieve this your notifications will be instantly shut off or worst your app gets deleted…. Read more »

How to Create Compelling Value Propositions

The dictionary defines a value proposition as, “an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a small business, product or service attractive to the customers.” This really boils down to the time honored marketing method of knowing your target audience, identifying problems, developing solutions for them and then understanding how to let the audience know… Read more »

UX Psychology get more Conversions

User experience is all about how users perceive and engage with your products and services. Psychology is about understanding people’s innermost desires, motivations, and fears. It highlights the influence that the context brings to people’s perceptions and judgments. Therefore, UX inherently should have an element of psychology to it. For example, while people perceive themselves… Read more »

Why Your Website Fails Buyers

New Research Reveals B2B Buyers Struggle to Find and Engage with Relevant Content on the Path to Purchase. Marketers who package together relevant pieces of content for first-touch engagement and serve them to buyers based on areas of interest, succeed. Demand Gen Report in collaboration with LookBook HQ clearly depicts how a better mix of content to… Read more »

An Demographic Insight on Social media (Infographic)

Did you know that 37% of the world’s population uses social media – that’s a whopping 2.8 billion people! But who’s using what on which social platforms? How do you know how to target your activity? The good news is that a handy infographic has been released by Tracx, a social media management platform, outlining the… Read more »