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From evolution to revolution : Marketing Automation

While the rate of adoption continues to rise, there remains room for improvement in marketing automation technology. The merger of web analytics, email capability and the Marketing Resource Management (MRM) which paved the way for marketing automation as we understand it today. Adam goes on to discuss the debate over whether or not CRM and marketing automation are one and the same and if not, whether they can co-exist.

The attached infographic as shown below from uberflip bought us the delightful How to Speak Marketing Automation trends. The Marketing Automation Revolution infographic illustrates the undeniable growth of marketing automation over the years and the potential that still exists for the future of these platforms to further enable marketers:

  • No sign of slowing down
  • What marketing share looks like
  • What features marketers are using
  • How effective marketing automation efforts are within marketing departments
  • Where there is room for improvement
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